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First and foremost, a health treatment where cleansing and exfoliation allow the new, healthy cells to surface and massage soothes the nerves while strengthening and tonifying the muscle fibers that firm the underlying tissues, thereby retarding the aging of the skin.  Beauty is the bonus!

Basic Facial 

Cleanse, massage, exfoliation, extraction (if needed), mask, hydrate.


50 minutes., $80.00

Glycolic Facial

Penetrates beyond the dead surface layer, dimishes the appearance of fine lines and

hyper-pigmentation while it aids cell regeneration. Deep cleanse, exfoliation to prepare for the cellular repair, anti-oxidant mask, vitamin serum, dehydration fluid.


1hr., $85.00

VitA-ge Defying Facial 

Intensive  repair with Vitamin A super hydrating treatment that recharges skin with essential lipids and moisture-binding elements while powerful antioxidants help intercept skin damaging free radicals.


1hr., 10 min $90.00

Additional Custom Facials Available- $100.00

Personalized Facial Peel Series

40% glycolic, 50% glycolic + beta hydroxy acid, saliclic and mandelic acid, sensitive skin lactic and salicylic acids --- from skin that is age and enviromentally challenged to delicate skin, there's a series just for you!

Prices Vary


Additions to Facials


L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy $50.00+

Correction for wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries   

Ampoules (DNA, Collegen, Elastin)   $12.50 each

Highly concentrated, active ingredients that are ionized and hydrolyzed for immediate penetration.  


Vitamin C Firming Masque                 $12.50

An intensive restorative treatment to fight premature

aging and wrinkles while providing soothing hydration.


Enzymatic Exfoliation                                 $15.00

Oxygen Inviograting Infusion                      $15.00

Vitamin A Plus Treatment                            $15.00

Vitamin CE Treatment                                 $15.00

Datura Mud Mask                                      $15.00

Datura Hand and Foot Facial                     $40.00

Hot Stone Hand and Foot Massage              $40.00





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