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Body Treatments

Healing therapies designed to allow the skin, our largest organ, to detoxify, nourish and renew.

Datura Back De-Stress

A warming cleanse and exfoliation begin the loosening process.  Smooth, heated river stones penetrate deep heat into tight muscles as a balancing Japanese foot massage induces further relaxation.  Concentrating on tensions held in neck, shoulders and lower back, a luxurious cream is stone massaged into back leaving skin smooth and toned,m muscles de-stressed.


1hr., $85.00

Herbal Body Wrap

An excellent detoxifying treatment of allspice, lavender, calendula petals, clove, eucalyptus, ginger root and rosemary.  1hr.,  $90.00


Datura Mud Therapy

Over 1,000 plant extracts and trace minerals are contained in this rich organic moor mud.  Essential oils are customized to nourish body and soul.  1hr.,  $90.00

Micronized Algae Treatment

Detoxify and remineralize your skin with warm algae rich in iodine, vitamins, minerals and proteins.  Micronized for faster, more complete absorption. Customized essential oils leave skin soft and supple.


1hr., $90.00

Dead Sea Aroma Salt Glow                                  

A mixture of aromatherapy oils are selected for your needs and blended with nutrient-rich Dead Sea salts for an invigorating exfoliation.  The skin is then ready to receive the moisturizing treatment phase.  Dry elbows and heels are softened to allow repair to begin. Circulation is enhanced and the body left in satin smoothness.  


Relaxing Lavender                                            1hr., $85.00

Energizing Rosemary and Peppermint                1hr., $85.00

Customized Aroma Glow                        1hr., 15min., $90.00



      Additions to Body Treatments


Reflexology Treatment                             $40.00

Hot Stone Hand & Foot Massage            $40.00

Deep Heated Hand & Foot Treetment      $30.00


Datura Back Facial                        1 hr.,  $85.00

For those who are prone to problem skin, the back can be effected (especially men).  By deep cleansing and exfoliation in similar steps to a facial, breakouts are minimized and healing can begin.  A relaxing, soothing aroma massage is performed followed by a nourishing mask.  A great way to deep cleanse a "hard to reach" place and relax.


Additional Back Facials


Datura Mud Back Facial                           $85.00

Micronized Algae Back Facial                   $85.00

Dead Sea Aroma Salt Back Facial             $85.00

Peppermint & Rosemary Polish Back 
Facial                                                      $85.00






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